Chicken Invaders III

Third version of the Chicken Invaders game


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  • Category Classics
  • License Trial version
  • Version 3
  • Size 823.33 kB
  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows 95
  • Language English
  • Program by Interactionstudios

Chicken Invaders III is a shooter game for Windows 7 PC.

Chicken Invaders III is the third in a series of games by Interaction Studios. Called the revenge of the chickens, the storyline is that alien chickens came to earth to help their feathered brothers and sisters. The player's goal is to stop them from overcoming the people of earth before all of humanity is enslaved forever by the alien and domestic chickens. The alien chickens continued to spread more chickens across the planets in the solar system. Now in Chicken Invaders III, the chickens are back and ready to bite.

The game requires 11MB for installation. Players can enjoy teaming up with three other players in cooperative play scenarios as well as player to computer one-on-one. During the game, there will be 120 rounds of invading alien chickens to battle. Weapons can be upgraded by attaining higher and higher power levels - 11 regular and a final, 12th mega-power level. Along with 30 bonuses and 6 weapons is a soundtrack featuring 15 minutes of orchestral type music.

Game highlights include the ability to go to 12 star systems while playing, 7 secret features to unlock, 13 medals you can win, and comparison tables via the Internet high score tables to see how chicken you really are. Some issues have been reported in the games Fly with a Wingman and Fly Solo missions. Performance can be rough because 'Wingman takes up more computer resources than the rest of the game, and with two players that makes it go even slower. It's recommended to have a minimum 1.5GHz processor.

The trouble with Fly Solo missions has been corrected by a patch, v3.50 patch A. This stops the computer from freezing. The game designers suggest it is a firewall bringing up a window behind the game screen, causing the game to freeze until the player can get back to the desktop and click a response to the firewall message. Allowing network access can help. For a complete freezer InterAction studios recommended staying out of full-screen mode until the player can see what the error or message is behind the game.


  • Still offering upgrades and updates
  • Good for a laugh
  • Part of a series so the player can enjoy the titles before Chicken Invaders III as well as the ones which came after


  • Lag if the player's system is older or in two player Wing Man games
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